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Teddy G. Clark

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Digital Marketing Solutions? Count on me.

Teddy G. Clark is a dynamic and innovative Digital Marketing Consultant based out of Austin, Texas, with over a decade of proven experience in transforming online presence and growth for a multitude of businesses across various sectors. Teddy is lauded for his analytical mindset, creative prowess, and his ability to decipher and leverage data-driven insights to achieve desired business results.

A Little About Teddy

Born and raised in San Francisco, Teddy was drawn to the world of digital marketing during his undergraduate years at Stanford University where he obtained a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology with a minor in Business. He further pursued his interest in digital marketing by earning a Master's degree in Marketing from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management.

In his spare time, he also runs several productivity blogs, including Create With Notion and Success with Sheets. Create with Notion is the leading site dedicated to providing free tutorials and templates to creators using Notion to improve productivity! Success with Sheets is a one stop resource for mastering Google Sheets!

Why Me

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As a certified Google Partner, Teddy possesses advanced knowledge of Google Ads, Google Analytics, and SEO techniques, making him a valuable asset in enhancing a business's digital footprint. His multi-faceted expertise extends to social media marketing, content marketing, and inbound marketing strategies, all of which are paramount in an increasingly digitized global marketplace.

"I am committed to empowering businesses to unlock their full potential online, creating transformative digital marketing strategies that fuse creativity, data-driven insights, and technological innovation to drive growth and success."

Client Feedback

Linda, CEO of an E-commerce Store

"Teddy truly understands the power of the digital landscape. Through his innovative strategies and remarkable blend of creativity and data analysis, our business has experienced a tremendous growth spurt. His work has not only helped us in reaching our potential online but has also paved the way for sustainable success."

James, Founder of a Tech Startup

"In the fast-paced world of technology, Teddy's ability to stay ahead of digital marketing trends is nothing short of impressive. His insights have been transformative for our business, leveraging our online presence in ways we never thought possible. He's truly a game-changer."

Maria, Marketing Director of a Global Corporation

"Teddy's approach to digital marketing has been instrumental in the successful revamping of our global online strategy. His unique blend of creative ideas, detailed analytics, and advanced tech knowledge have been crucial in driving our growth, making him an indispensable part of our journey to becoming a digital-first organization."

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